Slay 35 Love is Here!

Calling All Witches & Bitches

Sisterhood, Heartsing, Magic, and Dreaming are all applied in our quest to create our best selves and slay any goal we want! We rise and we fall, and together we conquer it all. Many of us have weight loss as a common goal, but it's not our only one on our quest in creating our best selves, and the best collective we can. This LIVE Slay 35 challenge is intended to help our sisters out there on the same journey we are on, and hopefully inspire our Soul Sisters to start DREAMING BIG, living NOW and search for their Heartsing. We are badass Witches and Bitches and welcoming more into our circle of magic! We hope you decide to join us!

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Slay 35 Calendar

  • 01

    Let's Light It Up!

    • Sunday 1/12 - KICK OFF: Get Slayed LIVE w/Slayer- Let's LIGHT This B Up!

  • 02

    Week 1 - Slay Schedule

    • Monday 01/13/ 6:00 am mtn Slayer Live - Morning Magic

    • Tuesday 01/14 6:00 am mtn Slayer Live - Morning Magic

    • Wednesday 01/15 6:00 am mtn Slayer Live - Morning Magic

    • Thursday 1/16 6:00 am mtn - Morning Page

    • Friday 1/17 6am Slayer Live - Morning Magic

    • Sunday 1/18 4:30 Exotic Sunday LIVE from Glamp Camp with the Slay Sisters

  • 03

    Week 2 - Slay Schedule

    • Monday -

    • Tuesday -

    • Wednesday -

    • Thursday -

    • Friday -

    • Saturday -

    • Sunday -

Happy V-Day from Namaslayer and the Slay Sisterhood.

V-Day 35 Challenge

You can focus on any goal you want during this challenge. There will be several goals being worked on simultaneously. Find a goal that works for you and have some fun improving upon it!